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This is LIST #5 (of 7) covering a wandering route Keith, Poppa, and I took today. All lists are official Pinal County, Arizona eBird hotspots. /// LIST #1 ("Santa Cruz Flats Travel Count" #1) begins at Toltec & Battaglia. We went S on Toltec, then E on Harmon. // LIST #2 ("Curry Rd pond…") begins at Harmon & Curry. It goes S on Curry just along the dairy property in order to check the dairy pond. // LIST #3 ("Santa Cruz Flats Travel Count" #2) should pick back up at Harmon & Curry. However, we saw virtually no birds driving E on Harmon, S on 11 Mile Corner Rd, and E on Pretzer to Picacho Hwy. The one exception was finding 8 Black-necked Stilts on the Harmon pond W of 11 Mile Corner Rd. Because of this, List #3 actually covers Picacho Hwy south from Pretzer to the first intersection with Green Reservoir Rd. This intersection is in the NE corner of the usual Baumgartner/Wheeler/Fast Track etc. drive. // LIST #4 ("Santa Cruz Flats--Picacho Hwy/Green Reservoir pond" is for the pond in the NW corner of the cited Picacho Hwy/Green Reservoir junction. // LIST #5 ("Santa Cruz Flats Travel Count" #3) begins at the same junction and runs S on Picacho Hwy to the Baumgartner intersection. // LIST #6 ("Santa Cruz Flats--Baumgartner/Wheeler") only covers Baumgartner and over to the house on Wheeler. // LIST #7 ("Santa Cruz Flats Travel Count" #7) wraps up our day. There were very few birds by this time and we decided to start heading out of the Flats. We backtracked to Picacho Hwy, went N this time, and then W on the more southern Greene Reservoir turn (opposite small road shrine). From here on, we were not seriously birding. At Sunland Gin, we turned S and went just far enough to check the flood control 'pond' (past the bridge) and Pearce Rd. At this point, we high-tailed it back up Sunland Gin to the freeway.


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    Details: continuing birds, bright yellow extends into upper chest, yellowish-green cast to back, notched tail

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    Details: continuing photo sequence of pictures under Cliff Swallow

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