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Owner Bryan White

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Checking Audubon's LETE colonies and looking for blown in storm birds from Tropical Storm Cindy

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  1. Number observed: 27
  2. Herring x Kelp Gull (hybrid)

    Number observed: 1

    Details: Storm blown bird from Tropical Storm Cindy. Chandeleur Gull. Identification help from North American Gulls FB group. Suspected backcross hybrid with KEGU or other similar hybirds. Hybrid features include lighter mantle than pure Kelp, as well as legs that show less of a bright yellow than a pure Kelp. This hybrid has been studied and documented on the Chandeleur Islands, LA. Single white spot observed on p10(a kelp characteristic), and fairly dark mantle. Bill and overall body size rule out LBBG, as well as primary markers and leg color rule out GBBG.

  3. Number observed: 1
  4. Number observed: 3
  5. Number observed: 2
  6. Number observed: 18
  7. Number observed: 6
  8. Number observed: 23
  9. Number observed: 7
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