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Swedish birder Dan Pettersson and I drove across the Donghai Bridge to Lesser Yangshan Island. Visibility was exceptionally good; one could see Lesser Yangshan from Nanhui, and the haze that commonly obscures the smaller islands around Yangshan had lifted. On Lesser Yangshan, Dan and I turned our attention from birdwatching to bird photography. As part of my quest to write the first photographic field guide to the birds of China, I am constantly endeavoring to capture top-quality images of Chinese birds. The simple setup that Dan and I had erected on Sat. 12 Oct. 2013 on Lesser Yangshan had attracted an Asian Brown Flycatcher (北灰鹟, běihuī wēng, Muscicapa latirostris). About 15 minutes before sundown, when the light was sweetest, the flycatcher alighted on our perch. The light was kissing our bird softly, and the dead reeds 15 m behind our perch glowed orange-red. A good bird photographed at the perfect distance in perfect light: a minor dream come true. Dan and I felt like craftsmen, for we had set up the feeding station, waited patiently for the birds to get used to it, then reaped a big harvest.

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