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Owner Jack and Shirley Foreman

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  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: We bird this area regularly but have never seen this bird before thus finding it this morning came as a wonderful surprise! Sooty black plumage, waxy red bill with pale band at tip leaves no doubt as to it's identity. Have no idea where it came from but it likely came in on last nights cold northerly wind. It appeared to be feeding as it dipped it's head often as it drifted slowly along and didn't seem to be particularly alarmed at our presence but stayed far enough out that we weren't able to get the quality photos we'd have liked to have gotten. May run out again this afternoon taking the tripod along in an effort for better photos of this magnificent bird.

  2. Number observed: 2
    Age & Sex:
    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
    Male 1
    Female 1
    Sex Unknown
  3. Number observed: 1
  4. hawk sp.

    Number observed: 1

    Details: Probably another Red-shoulder but only got a quick glimpse as it flew away into the trees.

  5. Number observed: 1

    Details: heard only

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  7. Number observed: 4
  8. Number observed: 1
  9. Number observed: 1

    Details: We see this bird often and always in the same area, just next to the main entrance.

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  13. Number observed: 1
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