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Haviland Drive

Owner Rob Bielawski

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32 degrees F, dark overcast skies, calm.

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    Details: White between orange bill and brown face. Smaller than surrounding Canada Geese, and stood out pretty quickly lacking any black feathering. Continuing individual first observed 4 Dec by Julian Smith at Sherwood Lakes, and has been sighted by many at the HRSD fields off Firefall Dr., here, and at Sherwood Lakes & vicinity; unsure of whether this is the Western or Greenland form. Observed as it sat on the water all the way at back of lake (200+ meters after measuring rough distance in Google Earth), photographed will post. 8th attempt and finally got to see this bird! None of the geese were present when I first arrived, so I headed over towards the HRSD fields off Firefall Drive, only to find the flock was in the air, and heading back westward; drove back to Haviland Drive and caught them all landing on the lake. An exciting outing that I won't soon forget.

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  11. blackbird sp.

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    Details: Photographed, will post. Very late & highly unexpected in December, especially after the temperature plummeted into the low 20s (F) yesterday. Grayish blue wash with yellow showing on back, bright yellow and red hest, white eye crescents. Flew out of the shrub next to me quickly to pishing and caught me by surprise when I saw the yellow flash of the undersides!

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