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A White Cattle Egret has been reported by Frank Beresford and William Greene to Tina Leonard. Mr Brake, the farmer has seen the bird hanging around the Turkey Farm for the past month. Did not see it today on 4 separate visits. Below 0 Degrees. Maybe froze or moved to warmer climes. Farmer said it was there till yesterday and they didn't see it today. A photo taken by William Greene is available -
- domestic ducks, chickens, geese and turkeys at Farm pond.
Comments above provided by John Tuach.

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    Details: Photographed by farmer at Turkey Farm in Cormack
    Apparently present for over a month, but not seen on 25 Nov 2016 after a night of -5 degrees.

    Photos shared with John Tuach.

    Uploaded Nov. 25 2016 by Alvan Buckley.

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