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Otter Tail Lake S shore, Otter Tail Co, MN

Owner Charlene Nelson

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    Details: was a flyover the road turned around and tried to re-find bird and couldn't. lots of traffic. distinctive flight pattern from trees on east side of road across road onto ground on lake side. all gray bird with white wing patches above and below wings long thin tail. checked ID with iBird Pro, National Geographic and this morning with Sibley thinking I had actually seen juv Redheaded Woodpecker but only match I can find is this. Woodpecker would have white or lighter color on body and differently placed wing patches than this bird. Common bird for us at our FL home. familiar with color and size of bird, flight pattern and wing patches seen in flight. 10.14 looked again at Sibley, Crossley and Natl Geographic to rule out Shrike. This bird was thin looking, very long and lean in appearance, not stocky like a shrike and had very little contrast color totally gray except for white wing patches. with shrike would have appeared as stockier bird with more color contrasts of black/gray/white and wing patches would have been differently shaped.