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Owner Robert Ostrowski

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Clear, ~45-50F, calm.

When I arrived, I immediately saw two birders crouched down low just off the road shoulder, photographing the Swainson's Hawk from a mere 15 yards. The bird did not seem to mind at all and continued its obliging behavior for the duration of my stay.

Submitted from eBird Android 1.3

Submitted from eBird Android, version 1.3


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    Details: Very rare. Continuing bird seen and photographed by many. Stellar looks of the bird standing in a field west of Medway Rd. and immediately east of St Martin of Tours Cemetery. It spent almost its entire time searching for insects in this field, taking to 1-3 second flights a few times to move to a new vantage point or if it saw something interesting. Eventually it flew east across Medway Rd to the airport fence. After surveying for a moment while perched on the fence, the bird hopped down to the ground on airport property and proceeded to hunt again.

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  5. Number observed: 20

    Details: Feeding at the cemetery. Flighty.

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    Breeding Code: F Flyover (Observed)
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