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Elaine and I rested at home on a rainy day. In the afternoon the rain let up and we walked into the fields, still barren. We were with Elaine’s niece Lisa Li. We showed Lisa 4 Little Ringed Plover, and I sound-recorded 2 Meadow Bunting.

Birds noted around Dawucun (Dàwǔcūn [大五村], 45.732679, 130.589612), village in Boli County (Bólì Xiàn [勃利县]), Qitaihe Prefecture (Qītáihé Shì [七台河市]), Heilongjiang, China. Elev.: 250 m in village, up to 550 m on ridge S of village. Craig Brelsford, Elaine Du, & Lisa Li.

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