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Owner Carl Winstead

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Looking for the Curlew Sandpiper that Steve Jones found yesterday. Many other birders present. 65 Fahrenheit, partly cloudy, middling strong west wind.


  1. Number observed: 23
  2. Number observed: 1

    Details: Found by Steve Jones yesterday. Brick-red underparts, long drooped bill. Associating with Dunlin, and at times affording point-blank views. Life bird for me.

  3. Number observed: 2
  4. Number observed: 1
  5. Number observed: 1

    Details: my first of the year

  6. Number observed: 60
  7. Greater/Lesser Yellowlegs

    Number observed: 3

    Details: probably Lesser too but wasn't 100% sure on all birds

  8. swallow sp.

    Number observed: 25
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