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Owner Robert O'Connell

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  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: Drumming was heard 3 times.

  2. Number observed: 1
  3. Number observed: 2
  4. Downy/Hairy Woodpecker

    Number observed: 1
  5. Number observed: 2
  6. Number observed: 1

    Details: vocalizing near the entrance to the park.

  7. Number observed: 17
  8. kinglet sp.

    Number observed: 2

    Details: Heard kinglets and saw movement but could not hear/see enough to separate from Ruby or Golden. If someone were to force me to guess I would lean towards Golden Crowned. Sounded like more, but I only saw the 2. These came as part of a wave of activity through a stand of evergreen near the head of a trail on the left as you are walking into the park. The wave included one of the Brown Creepers, 2 of the Red Breasted Nuthatches and several Black Capped Chickadees.

  9. Number observed: 6

    Details: Many vocalizing displeasure with something. One in particular kept up an alarm call for a considerable period. Mostly associating with Black Capped Chickadees.

  10. Number observed: 2
  11. Number observed: 9