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Sastry Nagar (MNS member Mr.Ramanan's house)

Owner Gnanaskandan Kesavabharathi

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A day before our sighting, Mr.Ramanan had reported a small dark flycatcher taken shelter in his garden after very heavy rains. It was then identified as Dark-sided Flycatcher after carefully checking his images. Myself & Siva sir checked with Mr.Ramanan and took a chance to sight it. Of-course, an happy ending. :)
Observers: Sivakumar Hariharan, Ramanan Padmanaban, Gnanaskandan K


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    Details: From Mr.Ramanan's balcony, we were scanning the tree the flycatcher was visiting frequently last day and also this morning. There were no signs of it for the first 10 minutes. Later Siva sir spotted a small dark bird actively fluttering in the top reaches of the canopy. As it was a very cloudy day, we had to get a clear view of it to positively confirm its identity.
    In the filed, it looked to be smaller flycatcher closer to the size of the Asian Brown FC with a very short pointed bill. Throat was white with faint dusky streaking. The flanks & sides of the belly were all dark and gave a impression of a white line dividing them at the centre of the belly. At rest, the primaries were falling shorter than the middle of the tail. there was no contrast between the mantle, upperparts and the rump.
    We spent the next 20 minutes with this bird happily observing it hunting, resting, preening and hunting again. :) Overall it stayed at Mr.Ramanan's garden for 3 days and was not sighted then after.

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