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    Comments: ***MEGA*** RBA: Oriental Greenfinch found and photographed near Beach Drive and Newport Avenue at the Victoria Golf Course. The bird was perched on a tree-top and vocalized repeatedly, giving a soft, sweet, 3-5 note chortle. It was warm brown overall with dark face contrasting with grey crown and auriculars that wrapped around the throat creating a grey collar. Bill colour was drab yellow and tail was notched with distinct bright yellow spots on the sides at the base (which are clearly visible in the photos) and yellow undertail coverts. After watching and listening to the bird for about 10 minutes, it flew down into one of the backyards along Newport Avenue, where I could still hear it for a few more minutes. No sign of the bird afterwards despite some thorough searching. The area at the time was very active with many House Finches and other passerines. I compared the calls to those on xeno-canto and they were a perfect match for the soft chortles and rattles for Oriental Greenfinch. Nathan Hentze stated that the photos look good for the subspecies C.S.kawarahiba which is the only migratory subspecies and therefore the only one that has turned up on the Aleutian Islands and could potentially turn up in the Pacific Northwest. Confirmed by the BC Bird Records Committee. This is the first Canadian record and second North American record outside western Alaska!

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