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Sengaltheri FS

Owner T R Shankar Raman

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At Sengaltheri FS


  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: One bird seen in tall Cymbopogon grass clumps near the field station and Hibiscus bushes. From sketch in field note book: bird brownish above with dark streaks [marked more like spots in sketch] on head and on wing coverts and mantle feathers above. Wing/mantle feathers dark with pale edging. Wing feathers and tail dull brown. Long tail, fanned open (no white or black seen). Underparts white with light, thin buff streaks on breast. Pinkish horn legs. Dark upper mandible, indistinct white supercilium in front of eye. Call: a sharp thit-thit-thit... (alarm?) while moving (walks on branches!) around. Not L. certhiola because of no white tip to tail. Not L. lanceolata because of no dark brown streaks on breast.