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Owner Mel Cooksey

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With Arlie Cooksey, Mick McHugh, Curtis Marantz, Sharon Bennett, Linda Northrup.


  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: Notes: "1-30-93...Selasphorus, sp. .. mid-sized hummer...4".. back and crown bright bronze-green.. tail bright rufous w/sharp demarcation at rump...rufous at sides and flanks...bright red gorget 80-90% developed. Fed at sugar water feeder...cheeks rufous connecting to green above eye..rufous at sides of breast extensive... extending very slightly across breast in a very pale line ... creating a white collared or white-bibbed appearance. There is a pale whitish area behind the eye.... the undertail is bright rufous."

    This was an adult male with full bright red gorget, and complete green back. At the time of the sighting, we were of the belief that green-backed Rufous Hummingbirds were something more than extremely rare, and these were not accepted unless by in- hand examination or close photos of spread tail. Record was NOT accepted by TBRC. TBRC 1993-27. ALHU was dropped from Review List in 2004. Reviewer: How to archive these? Former Review species not accepted at time of sighting, but if notes, descriptions are acceptable, do we validate, as we would with modern-day ALHUs, in keeping with TBRC stance on field ID? In my understanding of eBird protocol, this report would be Not Valid.