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Owner Johanna Beam

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  1. Number observed: 3
  2. Number observed: 1

    Details: White malar, pale back, very light face in contrast to crown stripe and eye stripe. Confirmed by experts. Two Juveniles have been seen with this adult (presumably female) bird, one of which shows a typical Lilian's tail pattern and coloration.
    Seen on north side of the reservoir along the trail. There is a bridge on the NW corner that they hang out typically, but have been observed twice at these coordinates: 40 12 1 N 105 9 24 W. All 3 birds do not appear to be shy. Bottom photo is said juv with Lilan's tail pattern, I did not get any photos of the adult, but the adult shows the same pattern.
    Possible EAME
    Possible Eastern Meadowlark/Meadowlark sp.
    EAME juv tail