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Entered from species account in Levine 1998 (Bull's Birds of New York State) and later adjusted from original reference with assistance from Tom Schulenberg, who tracked down the original publications. Text from account included in species comments.


  1. Number observed: 1

    Details: ***mega; first North American record; text from Levine (1998. Bull's Birds of New York State) reads: "A light morph found alive, but exhausted, near Caroline Center, Tompkins Co., after the hurricane of 22 Aug 1933. It died a few days later and is now specimen number 348070 in the USNM collection." However, note the correction of errors from that account below.

    Tom Schulenberg tracked down the original published source (Allen, A.A. 1934. A new bird for North America. Bulletin to the schools, The University of the State of New York 20 (13): 134-135), which states that the bird was picked up "about noon on August 24, 1933". The bird is described in Bull as a light morph, but in fact was a dark morph (photo in Allen's article), and Allen's first expectation was Sooty Shearwater. Screengrab from original article:

    Trindade Petrel (dark morph)

    Steve Kelling followed up with the USNM and Christopher Milensky provided this photo:

    The specimen is USNM 348070 and gives a locality of ‘Caroline Center’ in NY and collected by C. Westfall. Herbert Friedmann confirmed the ID. A few photos are attached. It was originally in the Cornell collection with the number 4947.

    Trindade Petrel specimen

    Allen (1934) reads:

    "About noon on August 24, 1933, on his farm near Carolina [sic!] Center, 15 miles southeast of Ithaca, N.Y., Raymond Westfall noticed 'a strange looking duck' not far from his back door and apparently the center of attraction of his chickens".

    It goes on to say that Mr. Westfall called the game warden, who called Mrs. Allen, etc. It stayed alive for "a little over a week".

    Consultation with Steve Kelling confirms that the Westfall farm is the same farm that he has lived on since the 1980s! Steve wrote: "The exact location is my back yard. The Westfalls owned our house for 100 years, selling to the people we bought the house from in the late 1970's. We bought the house in 1981. I met Ray a couple of times."

    [Entered by Marshall Iliff 6 Aug 2014, with date correction from 23 Aug to 24 Aug, corrected location, and additional details from original source from Tom Schulenberg 26 Aug 2014].