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Washington Monument

Owner Nick Lund

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  1. Number observed: 300
  2. Number observed: 6
  3. Number observed: 10
  4. Number observed: 18

    Details: Large flock on the north side of the monument. Seen well and close. TERRIBLE attempts at digi-binning.

  5. Number observed: 25
  6. Number observed: 8
  7. Number observed: 8

    Details: Flying in a loose flock and pausing in grassy puddles. Seen well. Spooking often.

  8. Number observed: 2

    Details: Two birds seen in HORL flock. In addition to the lack of yellow, the birds stood out as being darker overall, and having streaky flanks instead of the smudgy sides of the HOLA. Poorly digibinned shot attached. Top bird in the frame.

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