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    Details: ***mega; specimen collected by Mr. George Oliver; subspecies uncertain, but originally reported in Norton 1916 as T. m. satrapa; Notes from Norton (1916): On October 31, 1915, Mr. George Oliver observed this stranger near his house in Scarborough, and secured it for the collection of the Portland Society of Natural History. Mr. Oliver said that it was seen the day before it was taken, and was thought to have been a shrike. Upon reaching the identification given, it was sent to the United States National Museum, where it was confirmed by Mr. H. C. Oberholser and Mr. Robert Ridgway. The bird was a young male, in very good condition. The digestive organs were sent to Mr. W. L. McAtee, of the U.S. Biological Survey, who gave the following report, with permission to use it in the present connection. "Remains of at least 16 Muscidae, part of them Pallenia rudis, and part of a metallic kind, probably Phormia, 96%; I Scatophaga furcata and 1 Syrphus sp. 4%; bits of unidentified vegetable matter tr. The intestines contained finely ground material of the same character." This occurrence adds a new form to the North American catalogue, its range being "Western and Southern Mexico from states of Sinaloa and Southern Vera Cruz, southward through Central America, Colombia, Venezuela and Guiana to Trinidad, Tobago, and lower Amazon Valley." It should be recalled in connection with this waif that two very intense tropical cyclones visited the United States, one in August, the other in September, 1915. See Norton 1916, available here: