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    Details: White rump seen in flight distinguishes the Eurasian or Siberian race "variegatus" from the North American "hudsonicus" race. Only the "variegatus" race occurs widely in Australia, with one record of "hudsonicus" in Darwin (Higgins & Davies 1996).
    Both races are thought to occur in New Zealand, however NZ Birds Online notes that, "Most (possibly all) New Zealand birds are of the Asiatic form, and typically have a pale blaze up the back visible in flight. However, separation of Asiatic and American forms on rump pattern is unreliable as some Siberian birds have completely dark rumps, and it is uncertain whether any American Whimbrels occur, or have ever occurred, in New Zealand. The underwing pattern of any ‘dark-rumped’ Whimbrel should be checked; both forms have underwings heavily barred with brown, but American birds have a cinnamon-buff toned underwing (similar to bristle-thighed curlew) while Asiatic birds have a more greyish tone."
    As Norfolk Island is more closely aligned with NZ, there is always a possibility that the North American race could occur on NI.

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