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Location Reserva Científica Ebano Verde -- Arroyazo Sendero de Nubes Trail

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Owner James Kennerley

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Protocol:  Traveling
  • Observers:  3
  • Distance:  13.93 km

Checklist Comments

Walked the 5 km Caribbean Birding trail to the watch tower and back. Took longer than we expected with lots of stops both ways.

Sarifir long-horned beetle

Anolis disticus orange dewlap
Anolis christophi white dewlap
Anolis aliniger? Green
Pinguicula casabitoana carnivorous plant
Giant centipede

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  1. Number observed:  20


    Several seen perched high in snags, more seen in flight and more heard giving deep whooping calls.

  2. Number observed:  2
  3. Number observed:  4
  4. Number observed:  3


    One seen, at least two heard.

  5. Number observed:  4
  6. swift sp.

    Number observed:  5
  7. Number observed:  9


    Three interacting on a high perch at one point doing some sort of display. A female came very close to investigate me at one point. Majority males singing from high perches.

  8. Number observed:  7


    Mostly males.

  9. Number observed:  1


    Soaring early on and calling.

  10. Number observed:  12


    Many seen, one exceptionally well! Several others heard only.

  11. Number observed:  5


    Excellent views of one and reasonable views of two others. At least two heard giving repetitive call.


  12. Number observed:  20


    Some interesting interactions between three or four birds at times.

    Breeding & Behavior Code:

    C Courtship, Display, or Copulation (Probable)
  13. Number observed:  7


    All single birds. Nice views of one where I managed to see the white on the crown.

  14. Number observed:  1


    Side-by-side with an Elaenia. A little surprised that we only encountered one.

  15. Number observed:  2
  16. Number observed:  2
  17. Number observed:  8


    A couple seen and the remainder heard singing.

  18. Number observed:  2


    One briefly overhead before it disappeared behind the trees and into the valley below. White underparts, dark upperparts and a pretty deeply forked tail. Second bird was distant over the other side of the valley. Just a swallow with a deeply forked tail. Both sightings a little unsatisfactory.

  19. Number observed:  15


    Several good looks including birds singing and two birds chasing each other low down. Heard singing throughout hike. As the song travels far, estimate is conservative.

  20. Number observed:  6
  21. Number observed:  2


    Pair flying around valley bow then lost to view when they landed. On the way back they were perched high in a tree above us. Rick got onto the female and I the male, after 20 seconds I got onto the female and we realised we were looking at different birds. A couple of seconds later they flew off into the valley calling.

  22. Number observed:  4


    Two pairs. Nice looks at both.

  23. Number observed:  3
  24. Number observed:  1


    Hopped up whilst pishing.

  25. Number observed:  3


    Two males and a juvenile.

  26. Number observed:  40

    Breeding & Behavior Code:

    CN Carrying Nesting Material (Confirmed)
  27. Number observed:  3


    Two and a single.

  28. Number observed:  2


    Pair including a tailless male in a little clearing. Managed nice views of the male with a little encouragement.

    Breeding & Behavior Code:

    P Pair in Suitable Habitat (Probable)
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