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Davis Finch called the night before to inform me that he'd found an immature Lazuli Bunting coming to some of the bird seed he'd scattered. I took the ferry out and had to return on the same ferry. I ran from the ferry up to the Trailing Yew, saw the Lazuli Bunting with a Lark Sparrow and other sparrows, then ran back to the Laura B. The captain had already turned the boat and swung by as I came to the dock. I jumped onto the moving ferry, something which certainly wouldn't happen these days!


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    Details: Davis Finch had found this immature bird the previous day. The bunting was known to be present 4 - 6 October 1978. It was photographed by Tom Martin on 4 or 5 Oct 1978. The original photographs were scanned in 2012.

    From Maine Rare Birds

    From Maine Rare Birds

    From Maine Rare Birds