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Owner Steve LaForest

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After birding the south trail from Halls Rd. to Cranberry Marsh and returning to the parking area on Halls Rd. at 6:46 pm, I watched and listened there for owls, because this site has been good in the past. After seeing and hearing the owls, I walked north along the road to the north trail to Cranberry, return.


  1. Long-eared/Short-eared Owl

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: 3 or perhaps 4 birds seen flying about over the evergreens to the NW of the south parking area on Halls Rd (hawk watch parking). I heard at least one owl calling (sounded like WEK - WEK). I could not distinguish whether this call was SEOW or LEOW, as the 2 calls are very similar. I have heard SEOW before, but it has been some time. Total duration of observation / calling was perhaps 2 minutes. I did not see the birds again. I also checked the same area on Sat. Oct 22 from 6:57 - 7:12 pm, but did not hear or see any owls. Note that a number of Long-eared or Short-eared Owls have been observed along Halls Rd in late fall over the years. I will submit observations as I go through all of my field notes.