By Team eBird Canada May 14, 2020
Birds always give us an opportunity to keep looking up. In every corner of the world, on every day of the year, birds are migrating, building nests, raising young, and inspiring people everywhere.
By Mike Burrell May 8, 2020
If you are fortunate enough to be healthy, at home, and a birder during the COVID-19 pandemic, yard birding can be a fun way to pass the time outside and connect with nature. Allow me to offer one piece of birding positivity in these difficult times – this year offers a rare opportunity we might […]
By Team eBird April 28, 2020
For birders, one way to get through this period is to spend time outdoors enjoying birds—just remember to keep health and safety your top priorities. Follow the recommendations of your local health authorities at all times, even if it means staying at home and focusing on your yard or garden list instead.
By Team eBird April 28, 2020
On 9 May, birding’s biggest day is back! Global Big Day is an annual celebration of the birds around you, and this year is no different.
By Team eBird March 27, 2020
Many of us are spending more time at home than ever before, longingly looking out the window. But that window, porch, yard, or garden isn’t just something to stare longingly through, it can be your ticket to the best show in town.
By Team eBird January 7, 2020
New Year’s Resolutions are a way to set fun challenges and personal goals. Let 2020 be the year to step up your eBirding.
By Team eBird January 7, 2020
17 years ago, we started an experiment: using the internet to connect birdwatchers around the world in a way that informs research and conservation. With every year that goes by, we’re awed by the passion and drive of the community that continues to power this experiment.
By Jody Allair December 12, 2019
It’s the most wonderful time of year – the Christmas Bird Count season is here! Starting in 1900, the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is North America’s longest-running Citizen Science project.
By Amanda Bichel November 15, 2019
It’s a chilly Saturday morning in November (and December, January, February, March, and April). Twenty or so dedicated volunteers are freezing their finger-tips and getting windswept faces as they diligently scan the landscape through binoculars and scopes.
By Team eBird October 25, 2019
More than 18,000 eBirders from 164 countries and territories joined together on 19 October to go birding on the second October Big Day. The global count of 6,497 species broke last year’s total of 6,360 species, setting a new October Big Day record!