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    Details: Single bird first seen approximately 75m away flying directly towards me as I stood on the Alouette River dike. The bird banked to my right as it got to within 30m of me and flew over my right shoulder, landing in large cottonwood about 50m further along the dike. In flight, it was obvious the bird was a woodpecker, smaller than a Pileated and around the same size as a flicker. The flight pattern was clearly not a NOFL though; much slower wing beat with a more of a bounding flight. The thought of a LEWO was apparent around 10 seconds after I first saw the bird. I then tried to get the bird in my binoculars (Swarovski EL 10x42) but it was back lit and so I walked hurriedly along the dike to get behind it. By the time I got alongside the bird it had flew out of the cottonwood and so I viewed it in my binoculars as it flew first back towards me and then turned to its left over the river and flew off to the east. The bird’s throat and underside was paler than the wings, and the breast and belly showed a pinkish wash. Total time viewed was ~1 minute. I have seen LEWO around 15 occasions in BC (Williams Lake, Okanagan, and the Kootenays) and in Oregon, and so am very familiar with the species.

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