• Cedar Waxwing ML527099041
    By eBird Centroamérica January 31, 2023

    Few Central American birders will have missed that Cedar Waxwing is currently staging a major invasion into Central America. Groups of these charismatic birds are popping up throughout the region this January, and we expect them to be around at least until April or May.

  • Striped Owl ML518282751
    By eBird Centroamérica December 30, 2022

    New Year’s Resolutions are fun personal goals that can help you to improve your birding skills and stay engaged with eBird and birding. Whether you are a new or a longtime birder, you may be thinking about what new challenge to take on in 2023.

  • Inti Tanager ML399208031
    By eBird Centroamérica October 17, 2022

    Once per year, eBird updates all records in our database to reflect the latest ‘splits’, ‘lumps’, additions of new species, changes to scientific names, taxonomic sequence, and more. Whenever possible, we change your records for you to match the expected species when a split or lump occurs—this is one of the main services we provide at eBird. The […]

  • Crimson-fronted Parakeet ML492108101
    By eBird Centroamérica October 13, 2022

    On 8 October, people in 185 countries around the world joined together to celebrate birds for October Big Day. More than 34,670 contributors reported an incredible 7,453 species on 80,000 checklists, setting THREE new records for the single biggest day in October birding history!

  • By eBird Centroamérica August 21, 2022

    eBird has many ways to help your birding—and we bet you don’t know them all. Whether you’re just starting out or have been eBirding for years, we think that our free eBird Essentials course has at least one tip, trick, or piece of key info that you haven’t seen before.

  • By eBird Centroamérica August 12, 2022

    Mark your calendars for October Big Day—8 October 2022! Big Days are a 24-hour opportunity to celebrate birds near and far. Last October, more than 32,000 people from 195 countries submitted 78,000 checklists with eBird, demonstrating the power of birds to bring people together.

  • By eBird Centroamérica August 6, 2022

    We are ecstatic to announce that the way eBird displays human-introduced populations of birds is changing! Highlights include— Species maps show non-native ranges in orange and have new toggles to hide exotic reports.

  • By eBird Centroamérica May 26, 2022

    Birds are a source of inspiration and joy. On Saturday, 14 May, people on every continent joined together to celebrate birds for Global Big Day on World Migratory Bird Day—and also celebrated the 20th anniversary of eBird!