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Owner John van Dort

eBird Pelagic Protocol
  • 9
  • 2 km
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We circled the whole island group once, and several larger islands full of birds twice. Sunny; light winds; 30°C; calm waters; good visibility.


  1. Number observed: 1
  2. Number observed: 100
  3. Number observed: 3
  4. Number observed: 1
  5. Number observed: 2

    Details: Two individuals seen as we were leaving the hotspot (about 1.5 km from the islands).

  6. Number observed: 135
  7. Number observed: 45

    Details: Not an estimate but an exact count. They were spread among two smaller islands.

  8. Number observed: 91

    Details: Differences between subspecies are so minor and individual variation is quite substantial, so these birds are best not assigned to subspecies. According to the BNA account, the subspecies here is etesiaca, with brewsteri occurring further north, but differences between these subspecies very small.

  9. Number observed: 53
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