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By leeramsey January 3, 2013

Blue-winged Warbler, by Nolan Lameka

All bird monitors and everyone interested in habitat and conservation in the Greater Chicago area–

Join us on beebzz, the newly-created listserv of the BCN Survey! Connect with other monitors and people of like interests. Share your observations, ideas and concerns. See how your efforts combine with those of others to improve bird habitat in our area.

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The purpose of beebzz is to encourage discussion among bird monitors, stewards, land managers, researchers and others interested in conserving bird habitat in the natural areas of the Greater Chicago (Chicago Wilderness) area. Suggested topics include relationships between habitat and bird populations, bird behavior, unusually high or low numbers of species observed, suggestions for more effective monitoring, and questions about protocols. The BCN will also post announcements here. If there is a question that listserv users can’t answer, we’ll send it out to someone who can.


To subscribe:

  1. Send a message to
  2. In the subject field, type “Subscribe beebzz”
  3. In the message, give your name, your email address, and your role or reason for interest in bird monitoring.
  4. Click “Send”