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Checklist S51486948

Bohle Wetlands Revegetaion Site, Townsville, Queensland, AU ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:45 AM
BirdLife Australia 500m radius search
Party Size:
2 hour(s), 15 minute(s)
1.85 kilometer(s)
Len and Chris Ezzy
Spotted Whistling-Duck x1 was the highlight of this our regular monthly (loosley) bird survey. Weather hot and humid 50% part cloud. The 3 main water-bodies are quite full still, and mostly surface-weed-free, since our last significant rainfall in early December 2018.
44 species total

This Spotted Whistling-Duck was absent from this location when we started our survey at 0745 hrs today. As we were leaving the survey site, however 2 hours later, we happened to notice a duck roosted in a tree low and at the water's edge of an ephemeral lagoon, which was still quite full from December rain. As we walked towards the duck to get better Binocular views, its positive ID became clear. This particular waterbody over which it was roosted, is 90% covered with water lilies and surrounded by tall grasses on the northern and eastern banks, reeds on the southern bank, and a Tee-tree, eucalypt, and vine forest on the western bank. No other waterbirds were seen at this water-body. but because the riparian vegetation was so tall, there may have been more of this and or other species on the obscured water's edges.