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This list is one of several recompiled from my notes taken in 1981 and replaces Eremaea Birds List 200696 for 24/11/1981 to 06/12/1981 Birdlife Australia Record Form 2047039


  1. Mallard x Pacific Black Duck (hybrid)

    Number observed: 4

    Comments: Billabong behind Old Settlement Beach

  2. Number observed: 6
  3. Number observed: 15

    Comments: Airstrip, fields

  4. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Rocky shore at low tide at northern end of old Settlement Beach

  5. Number observed: 3

    Comments: On grassy field behind the sand dune at Blinkies Beach. Smaller than a Whimbrel with downcurved bill that was very much shorter than a Whimbrel's

  6. Number observed: 6

    Comments: Flooded pasture near Airstrip

  7. Number observed: 18

    Comments: Lagoon Beach, Old Settlement Beach, Neds Beach and on marshy meadows

  8. Number observed: 1

    Comments: North Bay at low tide. In company with Turnstones and Tattlers

  9. Number observed: 6

    Comments: North Bay at low tide

  10. Number observed: X

    Comments: Nesting at Old Gulch

    Breeding Code: ON Occupied Nest (Confirmed)
  11. Number observed: 15
  12. Number observed: X

    Comments: Nesting at Mutton Bird Point

    Breeding Code: ON Occupied Nest (Confirmed)
  13. Number observed: 3

    Comments: Rocky shores, airstrip, pastures

  14. Number observed: 5

    Comments: Pastures and forest and one seen out on rocks at low tide at Neds Beach

  15. Number observed: X

    Comments: Common in Kentia Palm forests and other forest on island

  16. Number observed: X
  17. Number observed: X

    Comments: Around human habitation, cliffs and headlands anywhere on the island

  18. Number observed: X

    Comments: Seemed a little largervthan mainland Silvereye and generally of a more yellowish appearance. In small flocks, seen in gardensccand scrub

  19. Number observed: X

    Comments: Very common. In township gardens and in forest