eBird Australia at the 2016-17 Australasian Bird Fair

By Nancy Auerbach November 20, 2017

eBird Australia 2016-17 Australasian BirdFair volunteers Richard Fuller, Roger Giller, Frank Antram, and Nancy Auerbach

At the recent 2016-17 Australasian Bird Fair, people who visited the eBird booth ranged from the simply curious to the devoted eBird contributor. Rainy weather couldn’t dampen the zeal of enthusiasts at this bird and wildlife extravaganza, and interest in learning more about eBird was high. People were keen to learn about accessing the eBird site-specific illustrated and printable checklists. Many learned about bird distribution maps and bar charts, and how to keep tabs on their own bird sightings through “My eBird.” Dedicated NSW eBird reviewers Roger Giller and Frank Antram gave insight into the high-quality eBird data review process, as well as the sensitive species policy and how to document rare birds. Bird Fair attendees also marveled at what we can learn about bird distribution and movement around the world when we, as a community, put our collective lists into eBird when we’re in Chile, New Zealand, India, or any other location around the world.  Avid eBirder Dr. Richard Fuller (University of Queensland), chaired a session on the perils facing migratory shorebirds and the power of collaborative conservation, as well as an overview of eBird Australia that included “Ten reasons why I love eBird”—something we can all relate to.

eBird – 10 reasons why I love it

  1. My records start working instantly
  2. It’s free
  3. It connects me with other people
  4. I can plan where to go birding
  5. I can engage in friendly competition
  6. It works anywhere in the world
  7. eBird copes with all forms of birding
  8. It is making me a better birder
  9. My lists are kept bang up to date
  10. It moves with the times

For more highlights, please see the Australasian Birdfair website for news, expo moments, and stunning entries and winning images of the Photographic Competition. If you missed the excellent film “Secrets at Sunrise” you may want to contribute to support the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot. All proceeds from Bird Fair gate sales went to “Protecting the most important places in Australia for migratory shorebirds.” Australasian Bird Fair Director Phil Straw notes that “The main beneficiaries from the event were the birds and other wildlife, in particularly critically endangered species that need all the help they can get.” Stay tuned for details on the next Australasian Bird Fair, which will be held in 2019.

eBird Australia portal sponsorship at the 2016-17 Australasian Bird Fair was generously provided by Dr. Hugh Possingham, Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, University of Queensland.