2019 eBird Taxonomy Update—IN PROGRESS

By Team eBird August 8, 2019
Black-rumped Flameback Dinopium benghalense

The annual eBird taxonomy update IS IN PROGRESS (Thursday, 8 August AU). Expect records of some species to be changing throughout eBird over the next week. We do this once a year to reflect the most recent changes in avian taxonomy: splits, lumps, name changes, and changes in the sequence of the species lists. You may notice some unusual behavior with your lists and other tools (see below), but this is nothing to worry about. The 2019 splits and lumps will be summarized very soon in this same post.

If you do check eBird today, the most obvious evidence of the update in process is likely to be the My eBird pages. This update does not only involve name changes and changes to the species sequence, but also a number of splits. Each split needs to be carefully considered. If eBird had a subspecies group such as White-winged Scoter (Stejneger’s) that was relevant to the new split, then those entries will be upgraded from a subspecies group to the new species (e.g., Stejneger’s Scoter). If you did not specify the subspecies, then we try to assign records based on known range and occurrence patterns.

You may also get “Needs Alerts”  with unexpected species on them. These issues will be resolved soon.

As these updates are applied, you may encounter lists with the same species listed twice, or you might view lists and see that some of the records have changed names and some have not. This will be resolved soon.

Other unexpected behavior should likewise be temporary. If you see odd behavior on a data entry checklist, save your work and try a few minutes later to continue data entry.