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    Details: A Kentish Plover visited Bonna Point Reserve from 6:43pm to 6:51pm. This species is listed on the review list of Birdlife Australia Rarities Committee.

    Characteristics lending to the identification of this Kentish Plover included a distinct white hind-neck collar, a bill that was longer and thicker than the bills of the accompanying Red-capped Plovers, and a wing-bar that was bolder than the wing-bars of the aforementioned Red-capped Plovers.

    Images of the Kentish Plover were published on Facebook groups ‘Australian Bird Identification’, and ‘Australian Twitchers’. The contributors of these Facebook groups confirmed the identity of this Kentish Plover. Further, on ‘Australian Twitchers’ Demetris Bertzeletos and Joshua Bergmark opined that the subject bird was not a Javan Plover, Malaysian Plover, Snowy Plover or White-faced Plover.

    Before the above defined period of time, a flock of small shorebirds was seen foraging about -34.019096, 151.188784. At approximately 6:41pm that flock flushed from Towra Point Aquatic Reserve, and, two minutes later, landed on the sandflat in the Reserve at -34.008891, 151.189161. The flock was comprised of the Kentish Plover and 12 Red-capped Plovers. Fortuitously some of the plovers, including the Kentish Plover, proceeded to preen themselves in the shallow waters providing an opportunity to clearly view (and photograph) the diagnostic white hind-neck collar. After a few minutes, the plovers moved along the shoreline to -34.008040, 151.187704. At 6:51pm the Kentish Plover in the company of three Red-capped Plovers left the Reserve, and flew towards Towra Beach.

    Parenthetically Bruce Roubin observed this Kentish Plover during a shorebird survey of Quibray Bay on Saturday 14 December 2019, albeit misidentifying the same as a Lesser Sand Plover until Wednesday 18 December 2019.

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    Details: Estimate. Hunting over Quilbray Bay.

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    Details: Estimate. Roosting on the old oyster-lease structures at the mouth of Weeney Bay.

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    Details: Flyover

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