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Owner Carla Jackett

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    Comments: At Shoalhaven Heads inlet (river mouth which is closed)

    After viewing this bird in my scope and binoculars, and referring to The Sibley guide to birds and Collins field guides, I would say this bird fits the description of a Semipalmated Plover. This bird was first observed and reported this morning by Brian Speechley on Australian Twitchers via Tony Palliser. A small Plover with largish head, appeared slightly larger than the Red-capped Plovers it was feeding with. A colourful bird In breeding plumage. Plain cap, back and wings a brownish grey colour. White throat extending around the back of neck, black breast band extending fully around back of neck. This did not appear as wide as characteristic in a Common Ringed Plover when comparing in my field guides. Black facial marking, a wide uneven band from the ear area extending forward. Black lores extend from this black band and continue as a narrow band around front of face over base of bill. There is a white patch at forehead with a black band above the white patch. Legs an orange colour. I did not see an obvious white supercilium which is pronounced in Common Ringed Plover. I couldn't make out the bill colour well but in some light caught a glimpse of some yellow. I took poor photos and video digiscoping with my phone. This bird didn't appear to interact with the other birds but stayed in the same vicinity while they fed. Will add a video and photo but quality isn't great that is why I base this report on my visual observation and notes.

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