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Well... that would have to be one of the most wonderful times I've ever had the pleasure of having at Murphy's! The afternoon light was a soft, pastel gold, while the wind ensured that this, as per usual, was surely the coldest place in Tasmania. As for the birds? Well... the list below will speak for itself c: !


  1. Domestic goose sp. (Domestic type)

    Number observed: 18

    Comments: One of the highlights of the day... tiny, fuzzy Goslings!!! This is only the second time I have had the delight of seeing these little cuties in Tasmania... and they were very happy, feeding on the grasses and pottering around with their proud Mother!

  2. Number observed: 15

    Comments: Some fantastic numbers of Swans... including an adorable little flotilla of Cygnets that paddled for dear life out of the Goose Corner with their parents! What a sight!

  3. Number observed: 3

    Comments: An incredible surprise! I've never seen a Musk here before, though I've heard of others who have... so imagine my surprise when, scanning the reeds for the most famous of Murphy's residents, I instead came across a very haughty looking male Musk! He paddled along, head held high, and later on was displaying to some females! Always a favourite!

  4. Number observed: 8

    Comments: There was a very nice little Plover flock today, after the last visit had a free fall in their numbers.

  5. Number observed: 1
  6. Number observed: 3

    Comments: It was lovely to see the main freshwater Cormorants all perching together on the bank!

  7. Number observed: 2
  8. Number observed: 1

    Comments: This was actually the very first bird we got, as it hurtled away downriver.

  9. Number observed: 1

    Comments: YAY!!! I was happily photographing a Goose on the far side, when I was astonished to spot the beloved Bittern standing, tall and proud, right out in the open, right beside the Goose! Waving Dad over frantically, we proceeded to settle down and watch for about twenty minutes as it hunched up in the open and preened, as content as such a nervous creature can ever be, before it dissolved amongst the reeds, never to be seen again. A blissful moment! The kicker for me was when I looked up from the camera and could clearly see it with the naked eye, hunched on the other side of the river! This was right up there for me, as far as Bittern sightings go.

  10. Number observed: 1
  11. Number observed: 1

    Comments: As I photographed the Bittern, an all too familiar call rung out overhead... and then I saw it, wings whirring for dear life! The first Blue Wing for me this season! A welcome sign of summer!

  12. Number observed: 3
  13. Number observed: 2

    Comments: I'd literally just asked Dad if he'd heard the Raven earlier when one hopped out onto the roadside as we pulled out of the car park! What excellent timing!

  14. Number observed: 1
  15. Number observed: 6
  16. Number observed: 3
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