Meet our Reviewers

Every submission to eBird is verified through a combination of automated data filtering (including location-based filtering) and review by a network of local bird experts, our eBird Australia reviewer team. If you have recorded a particularly interesting bird in an unusual place, then during eBird’s high-standard review process, you may have already been in friendly communication with one of our dedicated reviewers. We are incredibly grateful for the devoted work of our volunteer reviewers—eBird Australia would not exist without this team. Our reviewers most likely have a long history of birding in their review region, and are enthusiastic, hard-working, and kind people with good communication skills.

Here’s where you can learn a little about our remarkable eBird Australia reviewers:



Andy Jensen Barry Deacon Chris Wiley Craig Morley
Dan Mantle Dez Wells Frank Antram Greg McLachlan
John Graff Kath Shurcliff Kim Farley Marc Gardner
Mat Gilfedder Michael Ramsey Mick Jerram Niel Bruce
Nigel Jackett Paul Brooks Peter Kyne Plaxy Barratt
Rich Fuller Roger Giller Sandra Gallienne
Stewart Ford Tim Field Tim Mintern Todd Burrows