WE DID IT! All priority and specialty blocks are complete.

By Nick Anich 12 Aug 2019
Scarlet Tanager Piranga olivacea

All 1,283 priority and specialty blocks in the state are marked complete!

We had almost 500 blocks left to finish at the start of these season, but we got it done!

This marks a phenomenal effort involving over 2,000 people and 5 years!

We really can’t say enough about all the energy and dedication and grit on display. From the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior to the bluffs and backwaters along the Mississippi to agricultural fields of southern Wisconsin, everybody came together to complete the project.

This dataset will be analyzed for years to come and will reveal so much information critical to preserving Wisconsin’s birds.


For the remainder of the 2019 season you can continue to submit relevant sightings as you come across them, although we expect active atlasing to be tapering off very soon. We have now reached the time of year where migrants are arriving and even your local birds are moving around quite a bit, so caution is warranted! Adults feeding young are fair game, but from this point forward, use of lower codes is discouraged. Refer to the Breeding Guideline Bar Chart as needed. Some species known to nest late in the year include American Goldfinch, Cedar Waxwing, Mourning Dove, Rock Pigeon, Wild Turkey, and Northern Cardinal.

Remember as we head out of the breeding season, checklists with breeding codes go into the atlas portal, and checklists with no breeding codes go into regular eBird.

Wondering what happens now for the atlas? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions about how to manage the transition to Life After Atlasing.