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By Carrie Becker February 8, 2019
Our volunteer team is as varied as the bird species they observe, but one thing that many atlasers have in common is extraordinary passion. This month's spotlight atlaser is no exception.
By Carrie Becker January 24, 2019
Visitors to the WBBA II Final Kickoff in Stevens Point will have the rare opportunity to learn from (and maybe even hoist a beer with!) Ian Davies, eBird project coordinator with Cornell Lab of Ornithology. As the meeting’s keynote speaker, Davies will address atlasing in the era of eBird, and how Wisconsin has paved the way for the next generation of atlases being conducted through eBird.
By Nick Anich January 18, 2019
Volunteers are the lifeblood of our atlas, and we couldn't accomplish the project without them. However, every atlas must eventually start filling gaps where volunteers will not reach.
By Carrie Becker January 1, 2019
Save the date to join us April 5-7, 2019, in Stevens Point, for the WBBA II Final Season Kickoff. 2019 is slated to be the final year of field work for Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II, and we need your help to complete this monumental effort by next fall.
By Carrie Becker December 31, 2018
Think you have a good idea of what it takes to be an atlaser? You may be surprised.
By Carrie Becker December 30, 2018
Now that it’s 2019, the Atlas is officially in crunch time. With only this year’s breeding season left to go, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us!
By Nick Anich October 31, 2018
New Species Added to Sponsorship List The success of field volunteers for the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II has made it possible to offer project supporters the opportunity to sponsor nine additional species that will be featured in the final publication. These are in addition to the 239 species already offered and claimed through the […]
By Nick Anich October 29, 2018
As part of the atlas, a small group of observers are conducting point counts. In this article we introduce this wing of the atlas effort, explain how it’s gathering critical information for conservation efforts in the state, and report on some preliminary results from 2018.
By Nick Anich October 2, 2018
Four out of 5 years of field work are now complete for the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas! We owe a sincere THANK YOU to the more than 1,700 atlasers who have contributed to Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II to date.
By Carrie Becker September 5, 2018
This month’s spotlight is another great example of atlasers who are putting their own unique spin on the project. Though they sometimes atlas on land (when they have to), this group prefers to paddle their way through their blocks.