By Nick Anich July 1, 2020
Late in 2019, retired DNR conservation biologist Bill Smith reported to us a few very interesting observations of Golden Eagles in southcentral Wisconsin. They appeared to be building nests!
By Nick Anich June 17, 2020
We are beginning the process of collecting photos for the atlas. Read on to see how you can help.
By Nick Anich February 19, 2020
Looking for a fun winter project to help the atlas? Snapshot Wisconsin is a partnership to monitor wildlife year-round, using a statewide network of trail cameras.
By Nick Anich January 1, 2020
Those of you that attended our Final Season Kickoff got to meet eBird's Ian Davies. Ian wanted to share his congratulations and let Wisconsin Atlasers know that the platform we've built continues to lead the way. 
By Nick Anich December 9, 2019
The five-year atlas data collection period began in 2015 and ends on December 31, 2019. If you are sitting on any remaining atlas checklists that you intended to get in, please do so ASAP!
By Nick Anich October 8, 2019
The fifth and final year of field work is now complete for the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas! We owe a sincere THANK YOU to the more than 2,000 atlasers who have contributed to Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II.
By Nick Anich August 19, 2019
Here's a big surprise for the end of our final season! The Glossy Ibis pair that has been at Horicon Marsh all summer apparently nested successfully!
By Nick Anich August 12, 2019
All 1,283 priority and specialty blocks in the state are marked complete! We had almost 500 blocks left to finish at the start of these season, but we got it done!
By Nick Anich August 12, 2019
What will you do with your life now that field work for WBBA II is wrapping up? What happens next for the project?
By Nick Anich August 6, 2019
Migrants are coming, so we're aiming to finish by Sunday August 11! Talk to a County Coordinator about how you can help or just go knock one out.