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Sand Ridge Road False Cape Virginia Beach, Virginia, US (36.579, -75.886)

Owner Tracy Tate

  • 2
  • 1.91 mi

This was a Permit Required Night Survey for the Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas. Wind 7SSW, 80F humidity but just enough breeze to keep the bugs at bay, clear brilliant starry skies!

Submitted from eBird Android, version 1.9.6


  1. Number observed: 22

    Comments: Surrounded by them for our entire hike out the sandy portion of Sand Ridge RD. Birds calling in all directions, both the regular classic calls and the aug augh augh calls. Exact count of birds calling and birds seen. We saw seven flying from spots in the sand next to us and several of those perched on eye high perches just in front of us. This population seemed healthy by the numbers calling and I wanted to keep walking many more miles to see if they were present all along the road to the border. The first bird of the evening was sitting in the road and illuminated by the transport van headlights until we got close. It then flew providing a great look at its flight profile. Awesome experience!

    Breeding Code: S Singing Male (Possible)
  2. Number observed: 3

    Comments: just after we started our hike, one bird did the juvenile barking sounds unprovoked, the other two birds responded to playback later in the evening not far from Wash Woods Cemetary.

    Breeding Code: H In Appropriate Habitat (Possible)
  3. Number observed: 1

    Comments: playback used with immediate booming response right overhead

    Breeding Code: H In Appropriate Habitat (Possible)