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Burroughs Road

Owner Tracy Tate

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Wind 10 SSW, 57F to 70s later, mostly sunny a few light clouds. From kitchen window early then, sitting driveway with Dad later. Broad-wing sighted at 10:55am.

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    Comments: both males one vibrant one looks like first year younger male and they use different ports

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    Comments: f/o

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    Comments: Raptor overhead far through trees thought speck a could just see might be returning young Mississippi Kite. Waited with binocs for it to appear in clearing. Not a kite, a raptor, buteo shape with one thick obvious distinct white band on a dark tail between two dark ones, all three of equal width. Thought "no I must be mistaken, BWHA doesn't fly over Hampton Roads". Considered that, though sure of what I was seeing in the tail, I should look carefully. Not a RSHA in some weird light. Fairly small balanced buteo with definite short tail, not accipiter wings or tail not even in wind. Circling to gain altitude on thermals in fairly small circles as Broad-wings usually do. Close enough that I could make out some rufous on the upper chest on light undersides, but what clinched the ID as Broad-wing vs. a different buteo was the defined dark outline on the trailing edges of the wings seen clearly as it circled. After about six circles rose and headed straight away off toward Bayville Park area. This bird may hit the water and turn back to be sighted by others later in the day. I took a cell phone picture and have a dot bird that is dark and obvious buteo, but not a conclusive photo.

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    Comments: pair

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