Baltimore Oriole © Brad Imhoff/Macaulay Library

The abundance and range data tables are a great way to learn about what percentage of the population occurs in each state or region throughout the year. Not only can this information help you find more birds, the abundance and range numbers quickly pinpoint the states and regions critical for population survival.

The Baltimore Oriole is a common bird throughout the eastern part of North America where it breeds in the United States and Canada and winters from Florida to northern South America. During the non-breeding season, 21% of the population can be found in Honduras and El Salvador suggesting that these countries are important part of their annual cycle.

Relative abundance of Baltimore Orioles in Honduras and El Salvador in the non-breeding, breeding, and pre- and post-breeding migration.

A quick look at the regional stats tells us that Pennsylvania is one state where 100% of the state occurs within the breeding and migratory ranges of Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore Orioles breed across a wide swath of the United States and Canada and 3% of the total breeding range occurs in Pennsylvania. The range regional stats also tell us the average number of days each species spends in a state or region. Baltimore Orioles spend on average 63 days in Pennsylvania during the breeding season and during the non-breeding season.

The percentage of Pennsylvania within the range of Baltimore Orioles, the percent of Baltimore Oriole’s North American range that resides in Pennsylvania, and the estimated number of days Baltimore Orioles spend in Pennsylvania in each season.

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