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Switching between eBird portals

By Ashley Peele March 21, 2016

For those eBirders who prefer to enter their eBird lists on smartphones, it is important to know what extra steps need to be taken to ensure your Atlas checklists end up in the VABBA2 eBird portal.  Currently, it is not possible to enter breeding code information via the eBird app on your smartphone.  Instead, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start a new checklist and select your location.  Remember that the eBird app may not plot an accurate location, if your cell reception is poor.  You should always double-check your checklist location, when you get home to verify it’s accuracy.  The PDF Maps app can be used to pinpoint your location within a block, even when cell reception is poor.  Check out the Maps and Tools page on the atlas website for more information about this handy mapping app.
  2. Select a Date and Time for your checklist.
  3. Enter the identity and approximate number of species you’ve observed, during this survey.
  4. Add comments to any species for which you observed breeding behavior.  The eBird app does not yet let you enter breeding code information in the field.
  5. Review and submit your checklist.
  6. Final and most important steps!  When you get home, open up the checklist from your computer and use the ‘Change Portal’ option at the bottom right to switch over to the Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas portal.  Then, use the drop-down menu to officially enter any breeding codes into the system.

These final 2 steps are critical for ensuring that your checklist data ends up in the breeding bird atlas database.