October Big Day - 19th October

By NZ Bird Atlas team September 9, 2019
October Big Day - 19th October

On the 19th October 2019 the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will be running another October Big Day event. Global Big Days have become an annual tradition for tens of thousands of eBirders around the world, a 24-hour birding bonanza which aims to observe and record as many of the world’s bird species as possible during a 24-hour period. During last year’s event eBirders from around the world recorded total of 6,331 species across the globe on a single day in October!

How can you get involved? You can contribute to the October Big Day by simply doing what you’re already doing – any New Zealand Bird Atlas checklist submitted on the 19th October from midnight to midnight counts towards the October Big Day total. Last year NZ ranked 15th on the Global October Big Day submission totals, with 139 species recorded in 313 checklists. We hope you’ll join us on the 19th October not only to try to better last year’s effort but to get involved with an awesome global birding event!

Visit the October Big Day page here to learn more: