• American Oystercatcher ML342928611
    By Julie Hart June 5, 2021

    This article is your guide to everything related to blocks. Find out how to plan your visits around blocks and how to navigate blocks while in the field.

  • Northern Cardinal ML88457581
    By Julie Hart March 31, 2021

    If you haven’t spent much time observing bird behaviors, you may be left wondering what birds are doing and why. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a bird is protecting itself from a predator or doing a display to show off to a potential mate.

  • Clapper Rail ML93735051
    By Julie Hart February 27, 2021

    No matter where or how you atlas, it helps to have a strategy. Strategic atlasing ends up being more fun for you, and helps collect more valuable information to complete the atlas project!

  • Gray Catbird ML240989711
    By Julie Hart February 26, 2021

    Here is a suggested visit schedule to complete a block in one year. Refer to the Block Coverage Guidelines to know when a block is finished.