• By Julie Hart June 7, 2021

    If this year’s “Big Day” didn’t fit into your busy spring schedule, here’s another chance to make your birding count! How about a Big Atlas Weekend?

  • Bicknell's Thrush ML62039821
    By Julie Hart June 2, 2021

    In June, we challenge you to explore blocks with low coverage. Head out to a block with <20 daytime survey hours to discover a new area and help us reach our goal of completing all priority blocks!

  • Blue-gray Gnatcatcher ML232090231
    By Julie Hart June 1, 2021

    Tuesday, June 8, 7-8 pm ET For this month’s town hall, we’ll be talking to Brendan Fogarty. Brendan is a Regional Coordinator on Long Island, an eBird reviewer, and with 154 species confirmed breeding he’s also a top atlaser!

  • By Danielle Belleny, Black AF in STEM Collective member June 1, 2021

    #BlackBirdersWeek, created by the Black AF in STEM Collective, will run May 30 to June 5 with live events and activities open to everyone. Join eBird by participating in #BirdsOfAFeather on June 5, 2021—an event for birdwatchers of all backgrounds to celebrate birds by focusing on species within 15 miles of home.

  • Eastern Whip-poor-will ML242461861
    By Julie Hart May 5, 2021

    NY is home to three species of nightjars–the Common Nighthawk, Eastern Whip-poor-will, and Chuck-will’s-widow–and all of them are experiencing steep population declines. In order to better conserve these species, we are seeking information on remaining populations.

  • Horned Lark ML330740301
    By Julie Hart May 3, 2021

    In May, we challenge you to explore grasslands, an under-surveyed habitat with high conservation value. Every checklist you submit with a breeding code for grassland birds gives you a chance to win this month’s prize—an Atlas t-shirt!

  • American Kestrel ML83332871
    By Julie Hart March 26, 2021

    Join the Atlas Team April 7th @ 6:30 pm for the 2021 Kick-off! Join Julie Hart (Atlas coordinator), Ian Davies (eBird project coordinator), and the Atlas Regional Coordinators to explore Atlas progress, how to get involved, and how to enjoy breeding birds this spring and summer.

  • Eastern Screech-Owl (Northern) ML302314911
    By Julie Hart March 26, 2021

    In April, we challenge you to do some nocturnal atlasing. Every nocturnal checklist you submit gives you a chance to win this month’s prize—an Atlas cap! Nocturnal checklists in eBird have a start time of more than 20 minutes after sunset or more than 40 minutes before sunrise.

  • Blue Jay ML242192571
    By Julie Hart March 1, 2021

    Join the Atlas Team March 8th @ 7pm for the first Town Hall of 2021! Every month from now through August we’ll focus on an atlas skill and follow it up with a Town Hall meeting so you can ask questions and connect with other atlasers.

  • Red Crossbill (Sitka Spruce or type 10) ML294061231
    By Julie Hart February 27, 2021

    For every checklist submitted in March with a coded early nesting species, you will be entered for a chance to win this month's prize — an Atlas cap!