Top Articles of 2020

By Julie Hart January 4, 2021
Eastern Screech-Owl Megascops asio

2020 was the first year of a five-year effort to document breeding birds in NY. For many, it was the first time they participated in an Atlas, indeed, their first time ever really paying attention to bird behaviors. Even experienced atlasers had to get up to speed with a variety of changes since the last Atlas effort 20 years ago. Here’s what you found to be the most interesting articles and helpful web pages featured in the Atlas newsletter.

Top 5 Most-Read Articles

  1. Sneak Peek Year 1 Results
  2. Guide to Recognizing Fledglings
  3. Atlasing for Confirmations
  4. Finding Secretive Marsh Birds
  5. Knowing Your Location in the Field

Top 5 Most-Visited Pages

  1. Statewide Overview of Results
  2. Breeding Code Quizzes
  3. Atlas Essentials
  4. Submitting Data through the Portal
  5. All About Breeding Codes

What to look at on a fledgling, from the Guide to Recognizing Fledglings