Changing Portals

By Doug Hitchcox March 19, 2018
Canvasback Aythya valisineria

The Maine Bird Atlas Portal is live and many eBirders are probably anxious to get started. Before you do, understanding the purpose of this portal and what data to submit here is critical. First, only checklists reported in Maine that include at least one breeding code should be submitted to the Maine Bird Atlas Portal. Second, observations in the “Possible Breeding” category (“Singing Bird” and “In appropriate Habitat”) must fall within the safe dates for that species. Please take time to read the Volunteer Handbook to learn which codes to use and safe dates for the species you are reporting.

How to change portals:

Sometimes you might accidentally submit a checklist to the Maine Bird Atlas portal that doesn’t include breeding birds. Or you submit a checklist to another portal that includes a Maine breeding bird record. Don’t worry! It is very easy to switch portals and only takes a few clicks. Here are instructions:

  1. Open your checklist. You can always find these in the “Manage My Checklists” link under the “My eBird” tab. This link will also get you directly there:
  2.  On the right hand side of your list, under the options for printing, deleting, sharing, etc, you will see a button with diverging arrows that says “Change Portal”. Click on that.
  3. A pop-up window will direct you to choose a new portal from the drop down menu.
    1. If your list of Maine birds includes at least one breeding code, please select “Maine Bird Atlas” from the dropdown.
    2. Any other lists, that is any list with no breeding codes, should use a different portal, such a “Maine eBird”.
  4. Then click the green “Change Portal” button and you are all set!

A quick way to determine which portal you are using is to look in the top left corner of your browser while on an eBird page. The general eBird page will show the Cornell sapsucker logo and say “eBird”, the Maine eBird Portal will just say “Maine eBird”, and the Maine Bird Atlas Portal will say “Maine Bird Atlas” and show the atlas logo.