Volunteer Description

If you want to contribute to bird conservation, then you can be an atlaser! Some atlasers travel across the state, some never leave their backyards; some atlasers submit thousands of records, some only submit a few; some atlasers have lived in the region all their lives, others are just passing through the state. If you have a robin singing in your backyard, or a goldfinch coming to your feeder, then you have access to atlas data and we would love for you to join the project and submit it. Knowing how to identify birds is important, of course, but there are many resources to help you learn how and plenty of experienced folks excited to share their knowledge. You will also need to understand how to classify breeding behavior using breeding codes. For more information about the details of atlasing, download our Handbook.

If you are a novice atlaser who would like to pair up with someone more experienced, or a veteran atlaser looking to share your knowledge, you can pair up on the Atlas’s Facebook Group. Join the group, then click on the ‘Mentorship’ tab on the left side. Register as either a Mentor or a Mentee, and an administrator will pair you up. Alternatively, you can contact your County Coordinator, who will be happy to set something up for you.