For Young Birders

Formerly known as the “Young Birders Network”, the resources here contain pretty much everything that a young birder needs to know about a life with birds. From community resources to connect with other young birders, to tips and tricks about choosing colleges and career paths, it’s all below. Of course, please don’t hesitate to email us if there is a question that isn’t answered here that we might be able to help with.

The Young Birders Event aims to bring together teenagers with a passion for birds and interested in pursing a career in the field. You’ll meet people who have successful careers that involve birds in a variety of ways from ornithological researchers to tour leaders, to audio specialists and computer scientists.
Explore young birder clubs around the world and learn how to start your own!
Want to go to a bird camp or learn about a life working with birds at the Cornell Lab's Young Birders event?
From High School to post-college work, explore the many ways to further your opportunities with birds.
Read stories and see great photos from young birders around the world.
Interested in studying at Cornell University and the Cornell Lab?