Young Birders Event

The Young Birders Event aims to bring together teenagers with a passion for birds and interested in pursing a career in the field. You’ll meet people who have successful careers that involve birds in a variety of ways from ornithological researchers to tour leaders, to audio specialists and computer scientists.

Each Young Birder’s Event features:

  • two days of field trips
  • presentations by Cornell Lab of Ornithology staff including professors, researchers, and students who will share various ways to incorporate birds into a career
  • eBird and sound recording workshop
  • tour of Cornell Lab including the Macaulay Library and Museum of Vertebrates
  • dinner with Cornell Lab staff

Two events will be held this year (July 7-10 and July 28-31, 2022). High school-aged young birders (students entering grades 9-12 in the fall) are invited to fill out our application form and return it for review by March 30th 2022. We are able to accommodate sixteen young birders at each event, and we will notify applicants about their status in early April. Slight preference is given to students entering 12th grade and students who have previously applied. Learn more.


Future dates for the Young Birders Event are below. Mark your calendars!

2022: July 7-10 and July 28-31

2023: July 6-9

2024: June 27-30

2025: June 26-29